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Our Services - How We Can Help Your Business

Discover the range of services we offer and explore how we can assist you in growing your business, generating leads and increasing your revenue.  We can easily structure payment arrangements to fit your budget and scale as your business ramps up.

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Lead Generation Websites for Service Industries

Building a website for your business is the first step you can take on your way to marketing your services or products.  The saying “if you build it, they will come” is not true in today’s highly competitive digital space. Our team has expertise in fully optimizing your on-page and off-page content to ensure that it aligns with your keywords and business location.  Over 80% of people searching for your service or product are doing so on a mobile device.  We build responsive designs that look good on all platforms from PC to phone and that contain the right content, making sure your business appears when customers are looking!  Remember, customers rarely search businesses by name – they search for a service or product.  Let’s make sure it’s YOU that they find!

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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is an often heard but seldom understood term. There are several keys to winning the “popularity” contests called Google and Bing.  The keys to getting your business in optimum positions on these search engines rest in the ability to have your content properly optimized (described above) as well other key factors. Chief among these are backlinks from other sites of authority within and outside your industry and well as local citations.  Consistent citations among the proper directories coupled with strong backlinks help your site climb the search engine ladder. Without them, you have a cyber paperweight.  Our team is well versed in the current metrics and proper SEO strategies that will help your business plant its flag at the top of the search mountain.


Communications and Copywriting

Our highly skilled team of copywriting specialists have over 5o years of combined experience in print journalism, marketing content development, and press communications.  We handle everything from blog content to corporate communications. Our team authors thousands of words of relevant blog content each week on behalf of numerous clients.  We take time to research the relevent subject matter and develop informative pieces that will entertain and engage your prospective and existing customers.


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Digital and Print Advertising

Our team of expert copywriters and graphics specialists have served hundreds of clients.  We meet the needs of their digital and print advertising campaigns with well written and graphically appealing marketing pieces. From business advertisements to bond referendums and even political campaigns, our experienced team knows how to properly shape messages for the right audience.  We excel at fast turn-around times and challenging assignments.  If your business or organization needs help styling and producing quality graphics for advertising, events, product launches, talk with us first.  We will walk you through our process and continually communicate with you to dial in a design and message that is perfect for your needs.


Photography and Video Services

DeSantis Media offers a full range of audio/visual support to our clients.  These services include custom (company branded) intros, marketing video, business & product photography, and aerial photo and video services. Our equipment includes Panasonic video cameras capable of footage in 1080p as well as DLSR cameras and a fleet of DJI drones to shoot in 4k. Our in-house drone pilots are Part 107 certified by the Federal Aviation Administration for commercial operations.  They have hundreds of hours of flight time shooting video and still photos for a range of clients.

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Social Media Advertising

One of the best ways to get your business kick-started is through social media and social media advertising.  Thoughtful and limited use of social platforms and paid advertising efforts is a great way to attract customers while your business in ranking on Google and other search engines. The DeSantis Media team has experience in putting together optimized and relevant ads for businesses and organizations and running campaigns based on a specific budget.  We recommend this form of advertising as a short-term effort with specific goals.

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