Digital White Paper – Digital PDF Magazine Format


Digital White Paper.  Seven Charities from Seven Continents

This digital white paper was researched and developed by DeSantis Media for CHARITIESUB.ORG, a service of Community Champions Corporation located in Melbourne, Florida.

The paper was researched by our editorial staff to provide perspective on the numerous charitable organizations located throughout the world.  Surprisingly we discovered that these organizations exist on each continent – including Antarctica!

A short but interesting read on the efforts of people across the globe to assist and meet the needs of their unique communities.  The white paper will be featured by CHARITIESHUB for their 2018 inbound marketing efforts with the full version becoming available on their site.

DeSantis Media created this digital white paper in PDF magazine format in Adobe In-Design and rendered the project at Yumpu is a free application that allows businesses, individuals, and organizations to create magazine-style formatted digital publications for presentation on a variety of marketing platforms and social media channels.


digital white paper-PDF magazine-CHARITIESHUB-DeSantis Media



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