Political Candidate Website – Cocoa Beach, Florida

This Political (candidate) website was set up for Cocoa Beach City Commissioner Mike Miller for his 2018 re-election bid.

The seven-page site was constructed on the Weebly platform for simplicity and subsequently turned over to members of the campaign for administration throughout the length of the election season.

The site pages have been optimized for SEO and readability and the site is mobile-ready.  Although this is a unique site designed for this candidate, little customization was required and it was operational within 48 hours of the campaign contacting our firm.

In addition to the website build-out, DeSantis Media also provided local citations. This is a perfect example of a typical (and functional) lead generation site.


Ranking high in search engines like Google and Bing is a combination of science and art. Most of all, it is an understanding of the techniques that provide your web presence the greatest chance of reaching the top of a customer search. In the age of the mobile device, this is particularly important.

As a business owner, you should continually put yourself in the shoes of the customer. Ask yourself this important question: When you search for a product, service or place, how often do you venture beyond the first page of Google? See the point?

You may have gone the DIY route for your business website.  Newer companies and start-ups use this approach in an effort to minimize their initial outlays. You may have created a very nice looking site or paid ridiculous money to have one created for you. Answer this question… “is my site driving calls, bookings, and profit?” Remember, pretty does not always mean practical.